Sputnik Packrafts

Sputnik Packrafts


Sputnikrafts is a division of Time Trial. Time Trial is a company that produces rafts, kayaks, canoes and other products with PVC and TPU for more than 16 years.


Inflatable Rafts for rafting competitions are the products we specialize on. That is not a surprising fact, because our founder of the company is Sergey Petrov, the captain of the sports rafting team "Neva Tour". The team won all the championships in Russia from 1997 till 2003, got 15 medals in the World Championships, and became the World Cup winner in 2000. Some years ago we started researching how to build packrafts.


The result of our research, efforts and dedication is the Sputnik Packraft developed by engineers and paddlers for professional paddlers and people who love whitewater paddling and packrafting.


It is important to mention that almost everybody in our company paddles some kind of a boat. We can say we are a company of paddlers and watersport enthusiasts.


The model Sputnik is our proud and it is reaching huge success among paddlers here in Russia. We are making our packraft available for European watersport addicts with Fernando Paiva, an explorer and a very experienced paddler from Brazil.


With Sputnik we have built a packraft with all the  features we always dreamed of in a packraftt and we put in the development and production of our rafts all our knowledge acquired in the past 16 years.


People from many countries are using our products and having a great time on water. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we are always on the lookout for improvement, new models and new ideas. Our company has a watersports center in St. Petersburg, where we constantly test our prototypes.


We believe in our packrafts and take our work very seriously. We are happy to share with you our love for watersports, nature and the great outdoors and would love to meet you on the water.


The driving force of our company is Ilya Gubarev engineer, triathlon athlete, paddler, surfer, a man who loves sports and outdoors. Ylia, along with the Sputnik professionals is always looking restlessly for the best way to build the ideal packraft. All the staff involved in the production of our boats are passionated paddlers and love the outdoors. People who turned their hobby into work and made their passion for watersports a way of living and a mission.


A professional wilderness explorer, expedition guide and passionated paddler. Fernando has been doing solo expeditions and bringing people to the great outdoors for more than 15 years all over the world. A very experienced paddler in white water. Your contact and advisor on any subject of the Packrafts in Europe. Fernando is the representative of Sputnik Packrafts in Europe.


Alexander Tchannikov, our man for everything and sales manager, build together with, Ilya Gubarev the heart and soul of the Sputnik company. Just like Ilya, Sasha loves watersports and packrafting.

If he is not somewehre in Russia taking care of Time Trial businnes you will find him in a Packraft on the water.

Sputnik Packrafts

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