Sputnik Packrafts

Sputnik Packrafts


The Sputnik Family is getting, worldwide, bigger and bigger. We would love to know about your adventures on the water.

Send us a picture with your Sputnik.

We will be happy to post it here in our Blog.


Giusepe Sagioratto  having some fun with the new design Sputnik

Sputnik with our man Ylia Gubarev , Kayak Intructor and head of Sputnik Company in White Water, Italy

Russian Champion in Wild Water Kayaking Egor Coskoboynikov and Mikhail Selesnev having fun in the River Oetz in Austria after the Championship.

Ylia Gubarev  having some fun with our old design Sputnik

Sputnik Sponsored Artic Expedition

Great adventurer Paolo Gennaro with his Sputnik in a expedition in Greece

Wild Water Kayak Russian Champion Mikhail Seleznev is now part of our team

Our friend Cristian Kriss Baron. having fun in Italy

Russian Champion Egor Coskoboynikov

Friends from Sputnik Packraft Giuseppe Saggiorato and Cristian Kriss Baron having some fun in Italy

Dirk Rudakowski adventures in Germany

Dirk Rudakowski adventures in Germany

Dirk Rudakowski adventures in Germany

Great Explorer Thomas Arbenz in an Expedition in Scotland.

Friend of Sputnik Packrafts Kay Renner in one of his adventures in Germany

More fun in Italy

Family day in Australia

Sputnik in an Expedition in Russia

Adventurer John Lewer Waseca, Minnisota, USA

Adventurer  in the  Netherlands  & Belgium

Adventurer  in the  Netherlands & Belgium



By the middle of march new sputniks will be on the market. If you want to know more about it send us an email to office@sputnikraft.com

Sputnik Packrafts

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